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Clinical Art Therapy

Clinical Art Therapy
Art Therapy: Empowering Students through Creativity

The Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Clinical Art Therapy Program is dedicated to helping at-risk students reach their maximum cognitive and emotional potential through the vehicle of creative expression.  M-DCPS clinical art therapists develop and promote knowledge in the field of school art therapy and serve exceptional students through this dynamic approach.


a therapeutic process
a vehicle for communication
a form of personal expression
a method for resolving conflicts
a way in which to develop insight
a modality to foster self-awareness
a symbolic language
a way to get in touch with one's environment
a process that develops self-esteem
a method to increase understanding
an avenue to release pent-up feelings
a way to gain control over emotions
a way to connect feelings and behaviors
a method to promote healthy affective development
a process that develops focusing abilities
a method for improving concept formation
a way to promote body image
a facilitator for social competency
an opportunity to employ corrective experiences in a safe environment

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